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To Whom It May Concern:

My wife, Laurie, and I have been doing business with Terry Jones of Compass Builders of Florida since 2004. During that time, Terry and his company have completed 5 different projects on our vacation home at Sandestin in Miramar Beach, Florida.

Our first project was after Hurricane Ivan caused significant damage to our place in 2004. Since then, Terry has performed an upstairs deck enclosure, added a garage with apartment upstairs, enclosed our back porch and built an outside shower.

During all of these jobs, Terry and those working for him have performed their work with great professionalism and each has been finished to our complete satisfaction. Terry has always been easy to work with, and while doing the work we asked for, has always offered suggestions that have enhanced the project over and above what we originally described to him. Terry has always offered ideas on how to do the work more efficiently and cost effectively.

We cannot recommend Terry Jones and Compass Builder more highly. From the quality of work, ease of communication, and his honesty, there cannot be a better builder for your next project.

If you would like to talk with us personally, just call Terry and he will give you our phone number.

Charles and Laurie Murrell
Prestwick Place, Sandestin


We have had two major construction projects done at our home by Terry Jones owner of Compass Builders. We could not be more satisfied with the experiences. Their impeccable credentials are only exceeded by their execution of the projects.They use quality materials, excellent sub contractors and are on site 4-6 times per day over seeing the work.

They are very adept at real time problem solving,and offer real insightful suggestion to improving the project. In addition, the projects were on time and on or below budget. I have lived in eleven states, built three houses had major update projects on four other houses. None of the projects went as smoothly as the the two by Compass Builders.

Compass Builders has my permission to provide my telephone number to anyone who would like to discuss my experiences with Compass personally.

Larry & Nancy T


We became familiar with Terry Jones and Compass Builders while they built a custom house for our friends. Therefore, we were already absolutely comfortable with his expertise and desire to please the customer. We also witnessed an open and honest communication style that made our friends’ venture as non-stressful as possible.

Naturally, when we decided to add a bedroom and bath to our guest house, Compass Builders was our only bidder. As we worked with Terry, we discovered how much expertise he had in joint planning. He came up with ideas we never considered and tactfully prevented us from mistakes in our thinking. As the project progressed, it was comforting to know that Terry would come by at least twice per day and keep us totally in the loop on possible problems and timing. He is a perfectionist with his sub-contractors and maintained quality control every day. We found that working with Terry is like working with a friend. His manner and willingness to do anything to make the owner happy is unbelievable.

Even though we have no other major remodeling opportunities for Terry, he has been a loyal friend to us even 3 years after project completion. We have called him on numerous emergency repairs and simply for advice on minor issues. He never complains and always ends up getting involved in some way, usually at his expense. Terry is realistic about schedules and timing, but he finished early on both our friends’ house and our addition. Several builders down here can build you a house, but Terry and Compass Builders can build you “your house”.

Sam & Linda G


Shannon and I would like you to know how appreciative we are regarding our personal and professional experience with you and Compass Builders.  Everything from the quality of materials used, to all the deadlines being met, has led us to believe we made the best decision possible by hiring you and Compass.

Your expert advice led to the completion of the project within the timeline required and within our budget.  For that, we are extremely grateful.

You were always available, whether by phone or email, and we never worried about being able to be in touch.  Shannon and I found it extremely easy to work with you and your very professional staff.  You and your team always went the extra yard and always kept our best interests at heart.

Terry, I not only consider you an honest and hard working man…but my friend.  Thank you for this wonderful remodel, your vision and your honest hard work.  Thank you for a wonderful home that my wife and family will enjoy for many years to come!

In all sincerity,

Oscar & Shannon D


When we purchased our home in Sandestin, We interviewed and received estimates from three contractors. Living 300 miles away, We needed someone we could trust and communicate with during the project,

Although Terry did not have the lowest price, we had a feeling of comfort and trust when we talked with him. Terry and his wife, Cathy (an interior designer who comes as part of the package) were a pleasure to do business with, and are now considered our dear friends.

Terry always gave us options on materials from very high quality to medium quality, allowing us to budget where to spend our money.

Terry and Cathy are good listeners and helped us with drawings that made the “flow” of the house much better.  Cathy was also very helpful working with my wife on colors, appliances, rugs, etc.

Allowing us to purchase certain materials, and then having Terry and his crew perform the installation was also very helpful from a budget standpoint. While it is impossible to forecast the exact date each part of the project will be complete, Terry kept us up to date when change orders or unexpected issues came into play.

If we buy another home or condo in the area, We will call Terry and Cathy again.


Larry & Linda